What do I need to take part in an online course?
a) Internet: You need to have a stable internet connection, best would be to use a network
b) Devices: PC, laptop or laptop work perfectly. Laptop and tablet mostly have integrated
camera, microphone and sound; for the PC you have connected them externally.
Smartphones are not suitable.

How can I join a course?
As soon as you have registered for a course your teacher will send you a link with a meeting ID
and password. You download the zoom app with the link, and the meeting ID and the password
will get you into the virtual classroom. We are using the pro version of zoom which is also safer.

Zoom doesn’t work with me. What can I do?
Each Monday between 1-2 p.m. we have a zoom hour in which we help you to install zoom. You
may also arrange an individual appointment at another date.

I can not take part in two classes per week. Can I still join the course?
Of course. You will get the materials of the missed lessons and will only pay half of the course

How do I pay?
You will get a bill for the course fee which you have to pay within two weeks.

Other questions? Then use the contact form, please, we will be happy to help!

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