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Dedicated to the field of distance learning, lexxusonline is part of lexxus language service (www.lexxus.de) which was founded in 2005, providing customers with services in the areas of language learning, translation, interpretation, and proofreading.

Our online version offers a wide range of distance learning activities: 

  1. English online courses with regular classes and individual workshops

  2. Video section with a constantly growing number of English learning videos available in all levels including a serialised novel 

  3. Livestreams with a virtual Irish Pub show every second Friday, including the performance of world-class songs plus quizzes and (at times) a bit of bantering.

  4. And much more that flies around, ready for you to explore…

Our aim is to use a lively form of teaching, based on the motto of education and entertainment and focused on the spoken word. We want people to communicate because we know that this is what they need the English language for, and it is also the hardest skill to acquire when learning a foreign language. 

Therefore we invite you to have a look around and browse through our offers. Surely you will find something that suits your needs.

Highlight of the Week

This section announces an English learning event that you really shouldn’t miss. Click on the picture to find out more details.

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We are planning on going live with the Livestream. More details follow soon.

Song of the Week

Every week, Conor the crooner will present a song. Enjoy the performance and pimp your vocabulary by working through the text provided by us.

Luke Kelly sings a old Irish song The Auld Triangle

Download the lyrics here to read along with the song.

Phrase of the Week 

Phrases and idioms are useful for your everyday speech. Our tip: take the phrase given and try to use it at least once a day. Brush over with your mouse to see what it means.  

Fancy a cuppa?

"It's great to see you. Fancy a cuppa?"

Our Services

This is our distance learning portfolio. Click on the picture or the
link below to find out more details.

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